Anima Flux at Nordic Game 2023 Spring

May 30  lis_en2017  

It all started with an exciting adventure, and ended with pleasant recognition… As Anima Flux became one of the most noticible participant during Nordic Game 2023 Spring showcase! Nordic Games is one of the biggest European game conference, which takes […]

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On the Highway to Release 5/16/2023

May 16  lis_en2017  

Closed demo release for community, detailed location and improved AI Hello everyone! We’ve all been waiting for this moment. Fingers crossed. Hold our breath… and this is what happened! We’ve released a closed demo version of the Anima Flux game! […]

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On the Highway to Release 3/31/2023

Mar 31  Android_LIS  

Hey, everyone!How are you doing? We continue to work at full speed towards releasing the demo for our community! Here’s what we’ve been up to over the past month. We conducted playtests at the multimedia cluster. The game was tried […]

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On the Highway to Release 01/12/23

Jan 12  Android_LIS  

Happy New Year, everyone!  May all troubles of the past year stay behind! We hope they aren’t going to chase you in 2023… unlike those nasty mutant worms that are always after our heroes. Our whole team is energized. We’ve […]

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On the Highway to Release — 11/04/2022

Nov 11  Android_LIS  

Hi everyone! We’ve been off radar for a while, and for a good reason! We’ll tell you everything in the next article, but now all eyes are on the traditional mini-summary of what we’ve done in recent weeks.  We improved […]

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On the Highway to Release – 08/31/22

Aug 31  Android_LIS  

Hey hey hey! We had a very busy and fun summer, and we hope you did too! Here it comes!  Today we give you: NPCs, mystical and not so much, improved lighting, and interactions with the environment.  Our entire adventure […]

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On the Highway to Release — 06/04/2022

Jun 04  Android_LIS  

Hi all! This is our traditional mini-summary of what we’ve done this month: added stuff, revamped stuff, overhauled stuff, one thing at a time! Stores They received a lot of attention: new items, modifications, and other goodies. Pet mutants aren’t […]

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On the Highway to Release — 04/09/2022

Apr 09  Android_LIS  

Hi everyone! Today we give you new updates of Lost in Sky! Character selection screen We implemented new looks of our characters and overhauled the character selection screen. We also added an option to choose keyboard or gamepad while playing […]

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On the Highway to Release — 02/11/2022

Feb 11  Android_LIS  

Hey everyone! You’re probably still a little cautious about the year 2022. What challenges will it bring? Will it finally give us a break? In the meanwhile, we’re done relaxing. Picking up speed! There’s no time for a warm-up. Diving […]

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On the Highway to Release — Retrospective 2021

Dec 29  Android_LIS  

Hi everyone! 2021 brought us lots of wonderful beginnings and even some achievements. In this article, we’d like to cast your mind back to some great results, we achieved this year.  First and most important: we participated in Dev.Play and […]

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