Lost in Sky — Genesis of new heroes

Lost in Sky — Genesis of new heroes

May 01 Android_LIS  

What do we create?

Our team sets the most challenging tasks. We’re creating a game which is a unique mixture of a familiar, beloved, and known from childhood gitchy style with the spirit of unexplored technologies of the future held out by the wide and big space.

At the same time, we’re creating a graphic novel, which is a mainstay of the plot of Lost in Sky. It introduces the main characters – Roy and Eileen, the world of ARK and its inhabitants.

Graphic novel frame

We’re generating an incredible experience and blasting emotions, making players direct participants of the events described in the novel.

Authentic synthwave soundtrack in retro-modern style creates exceptional mood for our adventures and helps to plunge completely into the world of Lost in Sky.

Why do we create it?

The time is a spiral motion and things that were popular in the past are reclaiming their positions today. It’s not a secret that the most pleasant memories, the most favorite and nicest games for many of us are those of the 90s. Among them lots of legendary projects that gathered millions of fans across the globe.

We as game developers are totally fascinated by the mood and mechanics of old games and would like to take the best of them and recreate it in a new design and interpretation.

Inspired by the works of the past, in Lost in Sky we’re combining the ambience of the cult postapocalyptic games with that of classic space odyssey. Using modern approach, we look at iconic projects of those years in a new way and it helps to resonate with both experienced and new, average players.

The palette combines warm and bright neon colors

And finally…

Who are we?

We’re Avantaj Prim — a small but very united and integrated team, true fans of our job.

We’ve got various experts on our team, among them:

George Maidansky — co-author of the project’s initial idea. Lost in Sky team’s major driving force, guiding hand and Jack-of-all-trades.

Anatoly Maidansky — co-author of the project’s initial idea. Creator of all that’s linked to gameplay or puzzles.

Vadim Binevsky — key member of the team of game designers. Level development and testing. He is able of completing any level in a way hardly imaginable.

Egor Bashinsky and Dmitri Molosnic — development and implementation of the project’s functionality. These are them who transfer and realize all the ideas of the team in the game.

Dmitri Timoshin and Cristiana Grati — fantastic artwork in the game and the comics, that you will see, is their work. They are your eyes in the universe of Lost in Sky.

Vasily Pascal — animation and artwork. Thanks to him, the whole world of the game comes alive.

Alexandr Bulgarov — wizard of the music score. For ambient sounds refer strictly to him.

Vladimir Rusakov — development and support of lostinsky.ru and lostinsky.com. It was him, who developed the best place, where we’ll be able to share with you all the news of the project.

Andrey Grechko and Vladimir Ataman — community-managers for English- and Russian-speaking segments of the Internet. They’re always ready to answer any of your questions and help out in any situation.

Don’t forget to drop in to read this blog, plenty of awesome articles on the development process and the game’s world ahead!

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