ARK weekly digest – 08/10/2017

ARK weekly digest – 08/10/2017

Aug 10 Android_LIS  

Hey guys!

Today’s article starts a series of our weekly reports in which we’ll share the latest updates on the game we are developing: Lost in Sky.

This week we’ll have a look at the stages an idea has to go through to become an actual part of the game. Let’s see how the location “The Way to the Citadel” was designed.

Work process

It all starts with the team members making sketches and drawing diagrams of the level. It helps them to get a clear idea of the location and its original architecture. No extra elements means no distraction so they get a chance to plan all the details before confirming the whole level structure.

One of the numerous sketches

After the structure is confirmed it’s time for artists and animators to work on the location. Any game level consists of a bunch of objects that need to be drawn.

Only a small part of the depicted objects fit into this screenshot

Here’s the idea: a character has just arrived in the Arc and everything around seems pretty peaceful. We see a lot of lush green and bright colors, a giant city in the background and a few tall buildings with screens playing commercials. Is the Arc a real way to a better future? Are Ferro’s swords really the sharpest? The main character is to find out this and much more.

The buildings in the foreground have a lot of elements and information a player may find useful so they need a more detailed planning. We’ve had a sneak peek at how our artist is working on one of them and we really want to show it to you while he hasn’t noticed anything.


Yeah, these objects and buildings are just amazing, but we are here not to gaze at the pictures, we are here to play! So we let’s go to our game developers now. These guys perform code miracles, they take a general idea, place all the elements where they belong, launch the main character and make it all work.



This is how an idea gradually turns into a real level we see on our smartphones.

By the way, we’ve also added a loading screen between the missions but we aren’t going to show it to you now:) See you guys in a week!

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