The world of Lost in Sky. The beginning

The world of Lost in Sky. The beginning

Aug 15 Android_LIS  

Hello, everybody!

Today we’re going to talk about the place where the actions of the graphic novel and game Lost in Sky happen. Ladies and gentlemen, we present you – ARK.

A giant space station, drifting in the open space. Due to the appearance of that enormous construction, one can think that ARK used to be a part of some larger construction. One can only guess who was its creator and why it is so far away from the Earth.

The first sketches of ARK’s concepts


Unlike the regular cities, ARK is a construction containing several levels. It contains several “floors” in its structure. These are the worlds, each of which is specific and different from the others.

The final prototype


Here is the world of men. The vast majority of the population of this level has degraded and stepped back for many years in terms of their development. The society is divided into social strata with a predominance of ordinary people who obey the settled structure and are religious. A small part of the inhabitants rises above the others and represents the elite of this world.

The military district – place where the elite lives. Early sketch


The Lower World used to be a beautiful place inhabited by ordinary people. In the result of a man-made disaster in the reactor of ARK, a huge field, together with people living there, underwent contamination. Those who survived underwent irreversible mutations and have to live with mutants of their own kind away from people.

The lower world – a reservation area of mutants. Early sketch


The Neutral Zone is the district dividing the Lower World and the world of people. The wildlife won over that place. There are neglected fields, constructions, and catacombs surrounded by impenetrable jungles. It’s an extremely dangerous place, crawled with bloodthirsty mutated creatures.

Wild jungle of the Neutral Zone. Comics frame


Not to spoil the impression and to keep the intrigue, we covered only some parts of the history of the world of Lost in Sky. There are new details and secrets of an indeed deep world ahead.

What mysteries does the Neutral Zone hide?


The way ARK got into space and why there are marks of damages on its hull? What has happened to the Earth and where is the rest population? Who is running ARK? We will just have to know the answers for these and the rest questions…


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