ARK weekly digest – 08/17/2017

ARK weekly digest – 08/17/2017

Aug 17 Android_LIS  

Hey guys!

We are working hard on the game demo, steadily following the plan a part of which you can see in the diagrams below.

Our camera is fine, just trying to protect you from spoilers

Last week we updated the city level, find more info here. Let’s move further and have a look at the place where brave warriors and glorious heroes are made: the Barracks.

Looks like a really early stage. Well, it actually is

We have a whole bunch of pencils and we never miss a chance to use them.

We know a soldier should always be in shape and be able to stand up to all the hardships of service. Even the ones they create themselves. Otherwise how would you explain the presses in the Barracks?

One does not simply complete a level

Sometimes (pretty often actually) when soldiers are training too hard, the stuff in the Barracks can break down. And we have a maintenance drone ready in case it happens. Only one though, so we don’t let the soldiers touch it. For their own safety.

It’s on our side. Right?

We also have bats, we just haven’t told you yet. First, we made them very intelligent. But when they started telling us what to do with the game, we realized we had to change something. So now they are not that intelligent anymore but more similar to their real world brothers. And they behave naturally.

Seems like they know this cursor

Now let’s be serious: You can’t relax in the Lost in The Sky world, not even for a second, even if everything around you seems quiet and peaceful.


That’s it for today, guys, see you next week!

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