How heroes are made

How heroes are made

Aug 22 Android_LIS  

Hey guys!

It’s time for you to meet the protagonists of Lost in Sky world. The guys in the picture are Roy, who’s a trained fighter, and his charming but dangerous partner – Eileen.

On a mission



First sketches

When working on Roy we kept asking ourselves what the main character should be like. Brave? Definitely. A warrior? Certainly. Handsome? Well, yes.

After we agreed on the personality of the future protagonist, we began working on his looks.

Designing the first versions

Roy 1.0

These ideas were good and not good at the same time. There was something missing in Roy 1.0. You know, he was a typical tough guy with a cute face, but he lacked some adventurous spirit. So we had to make some big decisions and we got rid of Roy 1.0.

Theatrical and a bit fantasylike looks

We kept the original ideas but tried to make him look dashing, be more than just a mindless war machine. And Roy clearly benefited from the restart.

He does look good in this jacket!



First sketches

When creating Eileen our main task was to keep balance. First of all, she is meant to be Roy’s partner and should not outshine him. Then, she should be both a mysterious and graceful girl and a merciless fighter not leaving her enemies any chances.

That’s a great selection of weapons! And two guys to choose from

Eileen is an excellent archer which is quite a difficult thing and requires a lot of training. But this weapon definetely suits our lady. A graceful woman with a deadly weapon… That’s a great mix.

Dress for each and every season

Today you’ve met the main (not the only though) characters of Lost in Sky world. More cool and unique characters are still yet to come.

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