World of Lost in Sky. Danger all around

World of Lost in Sky. Danger all around

Sep 13 Android_LIS  

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Any adventure game consists of certain required components, and Lost in Sky is no exception. We have our main characters, a living-breathing word, and most importantly – the enemies. And today we’re going to talk about some of those dangerous entities dwelling in the ARK.

We don’t want to unveil all the secrets straight away, thus we’re going to look only at the species inhabiting the vault under the City of Men on the way to the Neutral Zone. Darkness, dampness, and concealed space makes our every encounter with them utterly dangerous.

The first monster on our list resembles a giant-sized wasp. These species like all ordinary wasps most often travel in swarms. So, if you happen to notice a swarm of small, angry insects buzzing around be on the lookout for their giant siblings.

“These are the wrong sort of bees.” A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh


The second on the list but not on the danger scale are numerous spiders lurking in the vault. You can see their never-ending webways hanging down from every wall and ceiling. It allows them to quickly travel and attack their unsuspicious victim from dark heights.

Small spider – big problems


Sometimes it’s better not to look up


Giant worms are drawn by the smell of humans and blood is a harsh reality of the Ark. Their long body allows them to quickly overtake their prey, and their powerful jaws don’t leave any chance for survival.

If you see the tail first, then you will have a chance of salvation


Scorpions are dangerous by themselves. But their giant mutated brethren are way more aggressive and deadly. With their poisonous and massive sting, they can deal with any enemy. And whomever is lucky to run away is doomed to die of its poison not long after that.

He’s so glad to meet you


Humanity is constantly fighting monster dwelling in the vault. The Arks brightest minds for years were trying to defend people of ARK and dispose of the mutants. Automatic turrets controlled by AI were a breakthrough in that field.

Concepts of turrets variants

The monster population declined rapidly afterward. Yet after some time the AI began to trigger on other dangers which it thought to threaten the humanity and itself…

Combat mode activated


The world of Lost in Sky looks peaceful and serene. The city lives its own life, people run back and forth in the streets, stream of cars seems endless. But the looks are always deceiving and dangers lurk where you least expect them. Crucial trials await the one who decides to uncover the truth and solve the secrets of ARK.

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