ARK weekly digest – 09/15/2017

ARK weekly digest – 09/15/2017

Sep 15 Android_LIS  

Hi everyone!


This week our protagonist presumably was so cool that managed to infuriate guys from the IT department. In return, they decided to show you how Roi dies over and over in different situations going about lanes and alleys of ARK.

But don’t take it too hard and pay attention to the details of that we are going to show you.

For instance, look at this wonderful turret. Ain’t she a beauty? It shoots fast, looks dope, and doesn’t break a bank. Well, not really, it costs…, an arm and a leg.


Ah yes – the Hydraulic Press. We simply love those massive death engines and can’t help ourselves. It should be noted that the protagonist had his chance for success but he was…, repressed!


Here you can see a travellator, and you are probably wondering where is Roi? Don’t worry, or it’s too late to worry, I should say, because he’s already dead and slithered on the conveyor belt. Our devs are so cruel today.


And believe or not that’s by far not the worst of ways one could slay Roi on the planes of the Ark. But let’s not spoil the fun and get it off our conscience, because you are going to discover all the other despicable ways to… restart the level.

But all stories, even as gruesome as ours, require a happy ending. Therefore, we are going to leave you in private with this extraordinary beauty during the creation of which not a single hero was hurt. See you next week.



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