ARC Weekly Digest – 10/06/2017

ARC Weekly Digest – 10/06/2017

Oct 06 Android_LIS  

Hello everyone!


Due to the preparation to Indie Prize it’s hard to get something relevant for blogging from the dev department these days. However, this week they decided to pull themselves together and please us with some fresh gameplay videos. And of course, this isn’t something completely new because our work right now revolves around improvements which are being implemented daily. But let’s not prolong the introduction and cut straight to novelties.

And before we know it the monsters we introduced last week found themselves a good-comfy spot in catacombs of the ARK. Last week these adorable flying critters didn’t even have a name but everything changes so rapidly here. Today they are a full-scale species of the bestiary with the code-name – Langoliers. But don’t get them confused with gondoliers because these flying fishes won’t pull your boat, don’t even ask.


During our meticulous research and development stage, we tried to befriend Langoliers with the other inhabitants of the undercity vault. Mutant-scorpions were the only one kind enough to share their space. But we’ll keep experimenting because cooperation is crucial down here.


In our next video we would like to show a very touching moment of Roy’s first encounter with Eileen in station barracks. Who knows what awaits them ahead and what challenges they will have to go through. But let’s admit it – New platforms we set around the level look simply gorgeous, don’t they?


Sometimes we look at our artists and catch ourselves thinking that it’s hard to grasp what they are talking about. We theorized that they communicate better graphically than verbally. So, we secretly took a picture of some story board lying on one of our artists desk and…, well…, judge by yourself. But in the end of day it doesn’t all matter because their art is simply out of this world!


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