World Lost in Sky. Soundtrack

World Lost in Sky. Soundtrack

Oct 20 Android_LIS  

Hello everyone!


We’ve been telling many times about how music in Lost in Sky plays one of the major roles, and how magically charming and atmospheric is our soundtrack. We’ve been talking so much about the unusual mixture of retro synthwave sounds with a touch of cyberpunk. We’ve been bragging about it for so long and that was the only thing you could here. And now the time has come for you to experience this wonderful music. But before you going to deep dive into this pure audial ecstasy we wanted to pass the mic to the sound director and composer of our game Alexander Bulgarov.

My task was not only to convey the sci-fi music of the 80s, but also to recreate the sounds effects of that time. There are a lot of examples of that sort of music, but I was mainly inspired by certain artists from the 80s and was aiming to create a hybrid of Vangelis (composer of the “Bladerunner” 1992), Space (French electronic music band), Zodiac (space disco music band that existed in the 1980s in Latvia) with a subtle touch of synthwave of the 90s.

There are certain moments in game which must sound epic, so a more classical approach with the use of orchestral elements and choir parts is necessary. Those kinds of methods convey the heroic atmosphere and stress the importance of a given situation.

In my work I mainly utilize standard libraries with some custom-made sounds samples which I create in my home studio. I also use the pitch-shifting technique (a sound recording technique in which the original pitch of a sound is raised or lowered.) down to lowering the discretion frequency for achieving the authentic feeling of retro-futurism.


Well, we simply cannot add anything to such detailed explanation, so without further ado below this paragraph you will find a few tracks from Lost in Sky. But remember that this is still a work in progress and everything is subject to change. Enjoy the music!


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