What is Early Testing

What is Early Testing

Oct 23 Android_LIS  

Early testing with the help of volunteer gamers from the community brings major advantages to a long, hard, and straining game-developing process.

First, it’s a distributed quality assurance and debugging of a game-product in development.

Second, it’s a release date guarantee and confidence-building. Early-on hidden defect spotting that may spoil the game experience.

Third, continuous rethinking of all game elements: gameplay, art, music, plot. In the end this helps to finalize and conclude the final game.

Forth, close cooperation and collaboration among project contributors and building the feedback channel with the community to insure their direct participation in a project which is created for them and by them.

The version of Lost in Sky that we provide for the alpha testing includes main character models, atmospheric game levels, and dynamic gameplay. All of this together with exciting game-play you will be able to experience on levels: City, Command Center, Polygon, Vaults

The game is far from completion. Many ideas are yet to be implemented and we would like you to help us bring your vision to Lost in Sky.We are certain that early alpha-test will serve its purpose in building a bridge with the community.

To insure the best possible results in creating a game that will be excepted and enjoyed by everyone.



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