Lost in Sky at Casual Connect Kyiv 2017

Lost in Sky at Casual Connect Kyiv 2017

Nov 02 Android_LIS  

The trip to Indie Prize awards which was part of the Casual Connect Kyiv game developer’s conference was our team’s first major real-world meetup.


We won’t lie to you by saying that this was our first major test for Lost in Sky. And even though we didn’t win anything we received tons of quality feedback and positive reaction from the audience, which got us so excited. Frankly speaking, on the showcase floor our game was played the most and longer than any other.



Lost in Sky seized audience attention with its stellar visuals, intriguing story (many people were willing to find out more about the characters and the world), dynamic gameplay (we launched different levels on 4 devices, many players were asking to play other stages after completing theirs, some even brought their friends to try it out)


The hype around the game was real, and members of our team were constantly answering questions from conference members.


One of many who tried Lost in Sky was representative from Rovio, the studio behind Angry Birds.

Streaming service providers were also very interested in our game, in particular Blacknut and Hatch told us to get in touch with them when we’ll have a finished product. Also, many advised us to speed up the production stage, and that no to mention advises on publishing, joining ad networks and so on.



We won’t bore you with the details of underground intrigues from the old-timers, that’s always present in any community. You’ll always get your share of skepticism, prejudgment, and side-long glances from the “serious folks”. That couldn’t possibly darken the positive vibe from the Casual Connect Kyiv.

And the main award for us for all of this were thrilled eyes of kids and adults, friend shares, and determination to complete the game till the very end. This is way more precious than any other rewards in the world.


Catching our breath after 3 days of showcase marathon, rethinking what we have seen and heard, first and foremost we wanted to say – Thank you! To our friends and colleagues for their support. And particularly express a word of gratitude to Julia Moshkareva, the production manager of Indie Prize on Casual Connect, for the warm hospitality, and to Reichel Reynar and Emily Baker for a wonderful article about our game.

And secondly, to summarize it all: we liked it so much and we want more! And that means we’ll work hard to achieve this.

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