ARK Weekly Digest – 12/22/2017

ARK Weekly Digest – 12/22/2017

Dec 22 Android_LIS  

Hi everyone!


This week we continue to work on the Bosses we told you about last time. Our goal is to make battles with them as diverse and non-linear as possible. First and foremost, we would like to implement several types of attacks, different phases of a battle, and various types of interaction with objects on the levels during the game. Since the plans themselves are ambitious, it is necessary to work out and scrupulously test every single point.

The first animation will be painfully (literally) familiar to the fans of Dark Souls. Lack of suitable equipment and sluggishness lead to natural consequences. We assure you, that fights with Bosses are not going to be an easy walk. Hardcore is back in vogue, didn’t you know it? It’s time to adapt and get ready, there are more and more modern games substantially raising the level of complexity.

Boss-Pain Lost in the Sky


The next scene demonstrates the different types of Boss’s attacks. The area highlighted in red falls under the near splash-attack of the worm. Lying low upstairs will not work; in this case, clumps of acid are used. The situation becomes complicated and at the same time is facilitated by the fact that it is necessary to control two characters. On the one hand, you spend twice as much attention to keep track of them and not let them die. On the other hand, the combination of two different types of attack, the close one and the far one, can help you to hit the Boss in any situation.

boss-tactics Lost in the Sky


At the same time, we are working on the implementation of new interface features. There are three slots for several game modes on one device. We have also added the ability to select and return to the previous levels after you passed them.

Menu_Slots Lost in the Sky development


We’ve got used to the fact that in most games there is a kind of map. Getting lost and aimless wandering around does not benefit the gameplay. We’ve decided to move beyond the standard map appearing by the magic button click in the interface. Taking the experience from everyday life, we have placed information stands with maps on the levels. Thus, there is a map of the level on the level itself! We do agree, it is no longer new, but it sounds pretty cool!

Map lost in the sky UI


Finally, as usual, here are some arts from our cool artists. This time they are so juicy, that you could hardly imagine!

The first art may well fall under the category 18+. So, if you are not 18, call the adults immediately – they should also see this awesome frame.

Comics scene lost in the Sky


Have a look at the second picture. Which one is the most appropriate for the name “Worm-self-murderer”? You can write your ideas in the comments, and we will tell you and show the correct answer next week.

Lost in the Sky monsters concepts


That is all for today, see you next week!

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ARK Weekly Digest - 12/22/2017
Article Name
ARK Weekly Digest - 12/22/2017
This week we continue to work on the Bosses we told you about last time. Our goal is to make battles with them as diverse and non-linear as possible.
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Lost in Sky
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