ARK Weekly Digest – 01/26/2017

ARK Weekly Digest – 01/26/2017

Jan 26 Android_LIS  

Hello everybody!


Today, in contradiction to the established traditions, we will start with the artistic part of our report, as there are enough reasons for this.

The motion comic Lost in Sky is getting better each day, acquiring cool animation and special effects. It’s time to see how static frames from the comic book come to life thanks to the efforts of the animator.

Fight with dingo comics scene Lost in the Sky


The situation is quite common for our heroes – easy and quiet walks through the jungle of ARK can not happen by definition. Clear and well-coordinated teamwork and actions help Roy and Eileen deal with the mighty creature without much loss from their side. By the way, it is the team interactions that will allow you to successfully survive and move towards your goal in the game Lost in Sky.

Let’s return to our jungle, beasts and heroes. We’re just in time – Roy grabs a huge furious creature by its hind leg, not letting it touch Eileen …

Roy Dingo comics scene from Lost in the Sky


… in a leap, turning over the shaggy body, the fighter pierces his blade into the chest of the beast …

Roy vs dingo fight Lost in the Sky comics scene


… it seems that all ends well. But who knows what danger awaits the heroes in the wild thickets of the local jungle …

Lost in the sky comic scene


We continue to enjoy the wonderful visuals, directly in the game. This week, we updated the lighting effects of our turrets – now the energy ammunition meets all interstellar standards and criteria. Even George Lucas himself would approve it.

One can endlessly look at two things: the bright, juicy flashes of blaster shots and the crowds of dying monsters. What else is needed to be happy?

Turret shot Lost in the sky


And to be fully happy, you need big, scary and complicated bosses! What do you mean, you don’t need bosses? Everyone loves bosses, don’t deny. We continue to experiment and finalize the most interesting mechanics of fights with bosses. The huge worm already has almost everything it wanted: its own separate room, cool, strong abilities, regular food in form of game characters, and a pretty armor! We created such comfortable conditions for this overgrown worm so that you can kill it solely out of envy, and not because it’s so nasty.

Worm middle boss Lost in the Sky


In the end, let’s take a little break from the contemplation of the beautiful stuff and talk about the technical side. Perhaps, it was not convenient for everyone to play on the keyboard – mouse/gamepad layout that we offered. Therefore, we added the layout customization, so now you can change it as you like it at any time. Moreover, we have a nice pause menu, but you might have already noticed it yourself 🙂


That’s it for now, see you next week!

logo-ARK Lost in the Sky

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ARK Weekly Digest - 01/26/2017
Article Name
ARK Weekly Digest - 01/26/2017
Today, in contradiction to the established traditions, we will start with the artistic part of our report, as there are enough reasons for this.
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Lost in Sky
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