ARK Weekly Digest – 02/02/2018

ARK Weekly Digest – 02/02/2018

Feb 02 Android_LIS  

Hello guys!


The past week highlights are: the appearance of two interesting novelties in the mechanics of battles, improved animations in the motion comics and new concept art. Let’s take it step by step.

How often while playing a game, you are overcome by a desire to hit harder by swinging the hand to the limit. To have one powerful hit to turn the whole situation in your favor? We understand you perfectly, we also have such a desire. That’s why Roy received a “charging” hit in a recent update. Everything is as you like: a large-scale charge, a painful hit, and a cool appearance. On the other hand, you can get a hard punch from the enemy, while charging, but pleasure has its price.


Everyone must have heard of such a unique attack as “critical strike”. It certainly known that such a blow is desirable and most useful in a tense situation. On the other hand, it is true that the “crit” is very rare in and does not happen exactly when it is needed the most. By adding a “dynamic critical strike system,” we pursued the goal of making such strikes as clear and simple as possible. The more damage per second is dealt by a player and the more monsters he kills, the more “critical strikes” he makes – easy, isn’t it?


Now, let’s move on to the visual aspect. There are some large posters being made by our artists. The main idea of the ​concept is old as the world itself: brave heroes, a charismatic villain and a little enthusiasm. A little bit of enthusiasm will not hurt anyone.

Poster Lost in the Sky 2018


These images reflect the whole essence of the world of ARK – battles shoulder to shoulder, hordes of enemies and the constant imminent threat, invisible, but slightly tangible.

Poster world of ARK Lost in the sky


The next concept art is detailedly worked out and who knows, maybe in a week we will be able to show a final version. It contains the entourage of the catacombs, a bunch of defeated enemies and brave heroes, and, rising above the lifeless bodies, Roy, Eileen and … hey, and who’s the third one? Stay tuned to find out!

Poster Lost int sky heroes


In the end, let’s check the updated animations for our motion comics Lost in Sky. What does a hero feel when the lever is pressed? What secrets do the iron doors hide ? What lies ahead, in the unknown jungle … Soon each of you will have the opportunity to find out.

Animation of the lever Lost in the Sky

Jungle animation Lost in the sky


That’s it, see you next week!

logo-ARK Lost in the Sky

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