ARK Weekly Digest 03/02/2018

ARK Weekly Digest 03/02/2018

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Hello everybody!


Today we will talk about small changes in the mechanics of Lost in Sky, of which an impressive amount has been accumulated over the past two weeks. It is for this reason that the gameplay will get much more attention than usual, and the beauties from the artists will be left for the dessert. And it will be a very cool “dessert”, believe it.

We hasten to warn that all of today’s gameplay was recorded on a special “test” arena and does not correspond to the current visual state of the game. Only mechanics, only hardcore. Well, let’s get started!


In the modern world, equality prevails among both sexes and all races. We also support this trend, but it seems to us that there are still situations when a man must assume all responsibility and heroically stand in the face of danger … in the most direct sense. Adhering to this setup, we slightly changed the behavior of Roy, in cases where he is computer controlled. In situations where we are controlling Eileen, willing to shoot everyone from afar, the melee fighter is trying to take his position in the forefront of the battle. When switching between characters, priority over positions is retained. Thus everything as it should be: the fragile archer is covered, and the monsters are destroyed.


What can you expect if you try to get into a room with a piece of pipe in your hands, but a huge armored guard appeared on the road? Perhaps, you might start a spiritual conversation on plumbing topics. Or maybe you can cut the guard down with this pipe. Maybe … well, let’s be honest – the above scenario options are unlikely. So you have to go the simple way: throw the pipe, even if you got attached to it. Forward, the path is free!


Roy hates any boxes that come in his way. We really do not know what it’s all about, probably some sort of phobia. And again this pipe, where on earth he finds them from?


Some players might have noticed that in the battles against the “ceiling spiders” the band of health of monsters sometimes becomes poorly discernable – the spider constantly jumps, so the ceiling, as well as our attacks in the air visually overlap the scale. In this situation, it is not always clear whether the enemy is defeated. Taking in attention the comments, we moved the health bar to the side of the monster’s body. Although, on the other hand, if the spider is still jumping, then probably it is worth continuing to beat it. But these are only our modest conjectures.


It’s time for the promised dessert! If you certainly prefer to check out the creepy, but not less beautiful, bosses. If you do not know, then this is our second boss – a huge tree with eyes, which we mentioned earlier. After discussing the concept and testing of the mechanics, the big guy has been moved into the caring hands of the artists and animators. We knew that it would be great, no one could imagine the final result! However, you can perfectly see everything yourself.

Boss Tree eye from Lost in Sky


We leave you alone with our boss. Do not be afraid, he will not harm you … at least not yet. That’s it, see you next week!

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ARK Weekly Digest 03/02/2018
Article Name
ARK Weekly Digest 03/02/2018
Today we will talk about small changes in the mechanics of Lost in Sky, of which an impressive amount has been accumulated over the past two weeks.
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Lost in Sky
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