ARK Weekly Digest – 04/27/2018

ARK Weekly Digest – 04/27/2018

Apr 27 Android_LIS  

Hi! It’s been a while since we published our Developer’s Journal. It’s high time to update you on the process of development!




We made a new scene, the Barracks. They used to be crowded. Today they’re infested with giant scorpions and other vermin. So remain alert as you pass by all kinds of crevices. Best if you keep swinging your sword. Be prepared for aggression by the new barracks inhabitants against our heroes.


Worm Boss

We have two news regarding the Worm boss. The good news is he’s animated. Moving is wonderful! It’s much better than standing still. The bad news is that now our heroes will come to get him. His maggoty soul won’t be happy about it, so better be prepared for a real fight.



Other new features and bug fixes

Here’s our point of pride: We increased the FPS rate up to 60! Now the game looks smooth, and the picture doesn’t have the jerking effect anymore!

Our dear archer can only shoot through one-sided platforms because we fixed the issue with shooting through doors and walls. Her bow is cool, of course, but not THAT cool.

To make the game easier and deaths less frustrating for you, we placed temporary checkpoints on locations. That is, their visuals are still being polished, but they’re already functional. Speaking of resurrection, characters’ health will now fully restore after you reappear at a checkpoint! Besides, we fixed a few issues of character resurrection upon restart.

We also reworked the game interface. The icons on PC version occupied too much space on the screen, so we significantly reduced their size. Backpack and inventory icons were moved to the lower right corner.

Our programmers asked us to tell you that they fixed the issue that occurred when the camera switched from one character to another and removed the sword mark upon double jump. Well done, guys! Way to go!


What next?

While you are reading this article, we’re attuning and modifying tutorials for Swordsman and Archer at full speed! Plus, we’re starting the “Animal House” location and another big zone, “The City”. Checkpoints gave saving, and monster respawn points are still in the development. We’re also planning to implement a feature that allows saving game settings in a file. Our efforts shall result in a complete tutorial level and a basic city location.

Find our next big report in a couple of weeks! In the meantime, we will entertain you with more game features! We’ll be happy to see you in our groups on social networks! Join us and share posts with your friends. Send us your feedback!

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ARK Weekly Digest - 04/27/2018
Article Name
ARK Weekly Digest - 04/27/2018
We made a new scene, the Barracks. They used to be crowded. Today they're infested with giant scorpions and other vermin.
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Lost in Sky
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