ARK Weekly Digest – 05/16/2018

ARK Weekly Digest – 05/16/2018

May 16 Android_LIS  

The Ark news.Hi! It’s time we tell you about the new things of the past two weeks. We had a lot of national holidays, which didn’t prevent us from hard work. We concentrated on a lot of minor things. Some of them were plain irritating (those bugs!). Others were clearly missing.




  • Corrected Langolier packs offensive behavior.
  • Langoliers don’t kick characters back on the attack.
  • Langoliers don’t fly through walls now.
  • Corrected bug that caused the black screen to appear on Android devices with Mali video card.
  • Corrected bug that caused the character to stop moving while holding on to a platform.
  • Corrected turret’s behavior, including the bug that caused shots to miss visible Langoliers.
  • Corrected scorpions’ behavior: they don’t stick in interactive containers anymore.
  • Corrected bug in Barracks 2, when doors and sensors status failed to save upon exiting a level.
  • Removed sparks that appeared when hitting a broken sensor.A hanging character (on a platform edge) can’t attack anymore.
  • Corrected character’s jump, including the jump down from a one-sided platform.

small cage



  • Inactive UI icons of character and inventory are now semi-transparent.
  • They become opaque upon activity.
  • Closed doors are now highlighted in red.
  • The passable doors are green.After completion of Cellar 2 players can choose two boss levels.
  • The character now bounces back from the wall upon hit.
  • Monster cages. Vent shafts shake before a monster emerges from them.
  • The camera has been improved. Its movement is smoother now.



In progress

  • Smoother character’s movements.
  • First variant of Steam controller integration. The full integration will be implemented shortly


Planned for the next month

  • New character’s mechanics.
  • New mechanics of saving and loading the game. Check-points in safe areas.


It’s all for today! Stay tuned; we have more coming very, very shortly!


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ARK Weekly Digest - 05/16/2018
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ARK Weekly Digest - 05/16/2018
Hello! It's time to tell you about the past two weeks. Despite the abundance of holidays, we worked hard. We concentrated at this stage on a lot of small things, some of which irritated (oh, these bugs), while others, on the contrary, clearly did not suffice.
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Lost in Sky
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