ARK Weekly Digest – 06/01/2018

ARK Weekly Digest – 06/01/2018

Jun 01 Android_LIS  

Hello everybody! Our ARK keeps surfing through Lost in Sky development, getting closer and closer to the destination. We decided to share something with you along the way.

We implemented

  • Simple inventory: only two slots, the grenade and the first-aid kit.
  • Improved character’s interaction with objects and weapons. Basic weapons (pipe, sword, and bow) are equipped immediately upon pick-up.
  • Basic attack on left-click.
  • New swordsman’s weapon: grenade. Throw it by right-clicking the mouse.

New weapon Lost in Sky
And you should learn how to do it properly!

Bug fixes

  • Barracks #2: the character doesn’t get stuck in open doors now
  • Langoliers now restore their position after character’s death.
  • The character doesn’t get stuck between two platforms now.
  • The character can walk up and down the stairs!
  • The bow shooter can now shoot through the objects that are not in the line of arrow trajectory.
  • Langoliers don’t fly through walls upon attack now.
  • While hanging from a platform, the bow shooter can’t aim.
  • Can’t walk through the net surrounding first-aid kits.
  • Improved character’s animation while moving or changing action.
  • Bot’s actions have been fixed. Swordsman doesn’t attack before monsters approach or while he stands with his back to the monsters.
  • Character doesn’t hang in the air after they hit the ceiling while jumping.
  • A killed (invisible) monster is no longer an obstacle for arrows.
  • Character doesn’t stuck while jumping from or on a one-sided platform.

Quick Equipment Lost in Sky
Changing clothes became really fast. Our characters can do even more!

It’s not a complete list of all the changes, but we want to keep something in secret. All we can say is STAY TUNED! 🙂

logo-ARK Lost in the Sky

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