ARK Weekly Digest – 07/18/2018

ARK Weekly Digest – 07/18/2018

Jul 19 Android_LIS  

Summer fades so quickly to fall so let’s not waste time and see what we have implemented recently:


  • New Checkpoint with a TV graphic that has possibility to show some text in bubbles added.
  • Updated saving system. Now it is possible to save the full progress of the game when activating a checkpoint. The current things that are saving are:
  1. Player Position
  2. Player’s inventory (number of grenades available and health kit persistence)
  3. Breakable boxes
  4. Pushable boxes
  5. Monster’s states (Mostly only “Dead” or “Alive” states)
  6. Lever’s state and other interactive objects
  7. Checkpoint’s state


  • Cocoons that can drop items (health kit/grenade) or spawn a monster upon opening or destroying
  • New respawn monsters system. This system will enable designers to easily add any types of monsters currently available and set it to have different numbers of respawn with different delays between each respawn.


We managed it all in time, don’t we? Now hurry up to enjoy your time at the lakes!

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