ARK Weekly Digest 09/05/2018

ARK Weekly Digest 09/05/2018

Sep 05 Android_LIS  

Hi everybody! We keep polishing the game, tracking down and eliminating the annoying bugs.

drop down lost in sky

Here’s the list of last week’s improvements:

  • The scorpion no longer deals damage on impact (as if he weren’t dangerous enough!);
  • We improved the behavior of langolier packs after they emerge from the cocoon (they no longer huddle; we taught them to react to the source of shooting);
  • The swordsman bot now picks up the grenade (but still has no idea how to use it);
  • Eileen now aims correctly;
  • Fixed the issue where windows and other secondary items drifted to the front and covered our stunning enemies;
  • Fixed the issue where boxes failed to move in front of the health kit or a grenade;
  • We adjusted the invulnerability timer after monsters emerge from cocoons (it turns out, they need some time to adapt);
  • Fixed the issue when an unlimited number of grenades dropped from the cocoon (the inventory isn’t infinite, you know!);
  • Fixed the issue where the character got stuck between a one-sided platform and bars (you can now slip through even if you aren’t skinny!).

throw lost in sky


We’re well on the way to another Beta stage, with the release just around the corner. Stay tuned and follow the updates! It’s going to be legendary!

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ARK Weekly Digest 09/05/2018
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ARK Weekly Digest 09/05/2018
We keep polishing the game, tracking down and eliminating the annoying bugs.
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Lost in Sky
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  • ManFila_SP
    Sep 12, 2018 @ 23:11 pm

    Looking good, looking forward to release 🙂

  • Android_LIS
    Oct 15, 2018 @ 14:03 pm

    Hi ManFila_SP!
    Thanks for you comment 🙂
    Stay with us and you’ll among the first to know everything about the upcoming release!


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