ARK Weekly Digest 11/09/2018

ARK Weekly Digest 11/09/2018

Nov 09 Android_LIS  

Hi all! Two weeks flew by unbelievably fast. But it’s true, and here’s our latest development update. Let’s go!


Here’s what we fixed:


  • We observed the spiders in the wild and discovered that they use silk to descend (they don’t just fly through the air) and actually die after they’ve been killed (instead of living forever). We applied to our spiders in the game. It turned out great;
  • We’re still fixing the bots. They aren’t world’s best AI samples yet, but we’ve got something to be proud of. They go up the stairs exactly like they’re supposed to, not as they please;
  • Remember the parallax effect? Neither do we. Nevertheless, it’s present. We fixed its impact on the background city textures when the character moves upwards or downwards;
  • The monitors didn’t always show the right text. Or did they always show the wrong text? We lost track but fixed them all, just in case;
  • Last time we told you about the energy-saving platforms. Today, we’re redirecting the energy to the lamps in the corridors. We fixed the lighting;
  • The walking turret failed to deal with fire, hell, and high waters. We taught it to walk through fire. And we’ve been thinking about the rest;
  • We fixed 3D images of containers. They look even more realistic now;
  • We refined the roofs, and they disappeared. We couldn’t let that happen, so now they’re back in the game;
  • We fixed monster spawning points. More enemies! Enough for everyone!


We added something new:


  • Benches and flowers. There can’t be too much beauty;

banckmarks flowers Lost in Sky

  • Dust appears in the air upon movement. We don’t have a cleaning service, you know. It’s not that we really needed it…

dust run Lost in Sky


  • Pressing the key now makes the platform move backwards;
  • Dialogue bubbles now have a delay between them. We realized that we were the only ones, who knew them by heart. Others had to actually read them;
  • We imported the grenade skin. The deadly device is now tangible and very formidable:

grenades Lost in Sky


  • Social ad banners:

Social Banners Lost in Sky


  • The turret can now smash glass containers. It was the only one that couldn’t do it. So weird. We thought so, too.


We’ll be back to work now. This Ark isn’t building itself, you know. Can’t wait to see you again in two weeks!

logo-ARK Lost in the Sky


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ARK Weekly Digest 11/09/2018
Article Name
ARK Weekly Digest 11/09/2018
Hi all! Two weeks flew by unbelievably fast. But it's true, and here's our latest development update. Let's go!
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Lost in Sky
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