On the Highway to Release – 12/07/2018

On the Highway to Release – 12/07/2018

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Hi all!

Last week we published Lost in Sky on Steam and were very pleased to see that many of you liked the game and added it to their wish lists. Now that there are so many interested people, and with the approaching release, we would like to announce a series of articles, “On the Highway to Release”.

Read more about the development process of Lost in Sky: Violent Seed every two weeks. We will share the most interesting events and latest news.

Today we give you the first article of the series. We look back at what we achieved since the first open test—and talk about the future.

The great spaceship Ark is cruising through the space in the distant future. This planet-spaceship is made up of multiple biomes, inhabited by humans and mutated deadly beasts.

Over the centuries of wandering the humanity lost its goal and the former level of technology. Owing to the dictatorship of a group of priests, headed by the Creator’s AI, the City, Ark’s core and the pillar of industrial civilization, remains the only place preserving bits and pieces of the lost knowledge.

All of a sudden, mutated monsters from the Jungle invade the city. Security system crash leads to a bloody massacre, which only the heroes of the warrior caste can stop.

ARK Concept Lost in Sky


In addition to mutant hordes, the player will face the mysteries of Ark laboratories, which calls into question the very human nature. What is a human? Is it the indomitable spirit or genetic carrier, hostage to the masters of the evolution, run by them from behind the Ark’s scenes?

This is the basis of the Lost in Sky: Violent Seed story—the game we’re telling you about today.


Main characters

Let us introduce you to the main characters, responsible for protecting the remains of the humanity, the mission that seems impossible at the first glance.

Roy M., the Swordsman. An elite melee warrior from Ark captain’s private security team. Absolute combat skills enable him to confront any threat.

Roy poster for Steam



Snaps all types of enemies like twigs, but consumes stamina. Mind your combat strategy in this regard.

A mastery of melee weapons allows to effectively defeat any enemy.

Roy basic strike


Power strike

Good for smashing cages and supply boxes or kicking back the enemies. Of course, it requires measuring the distance to the enemy and careful timing to prepare the blow.

Roy power strike


Jump strike

Effectively takes down airborne enemies.

Jump strike Roy


Dash strike

A situation that is about to go out of control requires a super strike. Sweeping away all enemies from your way feels nice and works well.


Another character is Eileen, the Archer, who deals ranged damage. Her sharp eyes and quick shot spell trouble.

Eileen poster for Steam


These are her combat abilities:


Why approaching an enemy in an uphill battle if you can simply take them down from a safe distance?

Eileen shot


Power shot

Deals huge damage, but consumes more stamina.

Fan shot

It’s the super ability: Ayleen shoots a massive fan of arrows. There can’t be too many good arrows.

Fan shot Eileen



Monsters in the Lost in Sky world can walk, fly, crawl, and attack in many different ways. The range of assorted troubles they’ll be causing you is very wide.



Petty, annoying, seemingly chaotic flying creatures. They may attack you one at a time or in a swarm.

langoliers concept art Lost in Sky



Quite the tricksters. They can jump and bite, and the smartest of them can burrow for a devious attack.

Scorpios Lost in Sky


Cowardly and reserved by nature, they spit on you from a distance, travel by their cobwebs, and avoid close encounter at all costs.

Spiders Lost in Sky



Slow, but nasty. If it fails to bite you, it’ll explode. No good either way.

Worms concepts Lost in Sky



Depending on the character you control, Roy or Ayleen, you may command your partner to follow or hold position. You an also share a health kit or simply have a chat.

The gameplay is based on your cooperation and interactions with the game mechanics (levers, push plates) as a team. You can never go alone. Always invite a friend or two.

Lost in sky team cooperation

One or more combat turrets can be a part of your team. It makes fighting your way through the crowd of enemies so much easier.

turret Lost in Sky



At the beginning the players will attend a briefing in the Menagerie training camp. You will practice your combat skills and prepare for the upcoming mission.

The Menagerie in the middle of the City of the Future is where they keep the beasts from the Jungle and other Ark biomes. Caste warriors hold their special practice rounds there. However, the priests remain silent about the real purpose of keeping the beasts in the heart of the secure city.

Menagerie is an endless maze with lots of floors, passages, and platforms. The lighting is malfunctioning because part of city life-support systems is failing, causing the red emergency lights to kick in. red light

The caged monsters are trying to break out and tear in half everyone who dares standing in their way.



Our next article will cover the City, the cradle of future civilization, with beautiful neon lights on the surface and grim and gloomy inside, in the dark underground passages.

Stay tuned and see you soon!

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On the Highway to Release - 12/07/2018
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On the Highway to Release - 12/07/2018
Last week we published Lost in Sky on Steam and were very pleased to see that many of you liked the game and added it to their wish lists. Now that there are so many interested people, and with the approaching release, we would like to announce a series of articles, "On the Highway to Release".
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Lost in Sky
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