On the Highway to Release – 12/21/2018

On the Highway to Release – 12/21/2018

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Hi all!

As promised, today we’re going to tell you about the City, the cradle of the future. This is the place that unites technology and religion. It’s the home for most Ark’s people. Nobody was prepared for an assault on the City.

Верхние уровни


The City is multi-level complex location that requires solo game. While one character explores the skyscrapers, the other should fight their way through the dark cellars. There are many options to move around the level. You can opt for the elevators that go up and down, cling to numerous ledges, climb the stairs, or walk around the network of chambers.

Рой на лестнице


The upper levels of the City with all the billboards, inviting neon signs, tall buildings of glass, and neat and green recreation areas are the peak of the future civilization. However, stains of blood, burning fire, and devastation give a broad hint to the catastrophe that took place here.

вид на город


Cellars evoke a different mood. They’re less presentable and groomed, because the citizens used them mainly as technical facilities, storage, and for production purposes. Mutants got here before they could reach the upper city. Their presence certainly made this unpleasant place even nastier. Faulty lighting that occurred after the enemy onslaught will give a hard time to anyone who chooses to descend to the cellars.

Темный уровень


You will meet few survivors in the City, representatives of different layers of the future society. Men and women, children and elderly people, they’re all civilians, united by the threat of horrible monsters. They will tell you the whole story of what happened here. Some of them may even give the main characters a quest.



Many life-support systems are out of order after the mutant attack. People are very short of vital resources, such as water and oxygen. While the operational section of the City’s AI, Miss Oliver, is trying to restore the life-support systems, Roy and Eileen are on the mission to protect the City against the enemy, clean up the occupied sectors, and save the human survivors.


The major challenge here is that the dangerous creatures, attacking people, have mutated and gained the ability to multiply very quickly. This evolutionary model allows them to survive in every condition. This is why the mutants would lay their eggs, cocoons all over they City.


Cocoons can be located on the ceiling or on the floor. They can be empty or contain embryos, or even a health kit. Some of them block passages, or spawn monsters, or just stay dormant till better days. There’s no way to know which of them is in front of you.

скорпион в яйце


How did the mutants made this incursion into the very heart of the human civilization? What are the warriors fighting to protect in the Hub, the following location beyond the City? Why are the monsters forcing their way to the Hub so fiercely? What is hidden in the priests’ secret laboratories? All of this and much more remains to be seen.

The Lost in Sky team wishes you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Stay tuned and see you soon!

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On the Highway to Release - 12/21/2018
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On the Highway to Release - 12/21/2018
As promised, today we're going to tell you about the City, the cradle of the future. This is the place that unites technology and religion. It's the home for most Ark's people. Nobody was prepared for an assault on the City.
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