On the Highway to Release – 01/11/2018

On the Highway to Release – 01/11/2018

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Hi all!

Here’s something brand new for the brand new year! Today we’ll have a look at some new levels with curious game mechanics.

First and foremost, it’s conveyor belts, that are moving continuously in a specified direction. If you move along with the belt, your movement speed significantly increases, and you’ll get past this area very quickly.


Should you choose to move in the opposite direction, your character will slow down and struggle to walk. It’s less efficient, but sometimes you must do it to find a better way or survive.


The belts look welcoming and almost safe, except for one thing. The hydraulic presses. They’re horizontal. They’re vertical. They’re fast. They’re slow. They’re big and deadly. We have one for every taste. Combinations of the moving belt and presses confront you with a choice: try and slide under the press at full speed or step backwards and wait for a good moment to dash.



If you aren’t a fan of risky and reckless solutions, we have the third major option for you: teamplay. You can easily find pressure platforms and levers that switch the deadly pillars’ frequency. While one character is standing on a pressure platform or gripping on a lever, the other may pass. Nevertheless, it’s not a walk in the park. One successful hit of a press, and you’re pancaked. Think twice before you leap.

Нажатие кнопки


We also thought you can use a friendly support of enemies, breathing down your neck, to help you take your decisions faster. Since we have new mechanics and new levels, it’s only natural to introduce a couple of new enemies. Ladies and gents, we give you…


The Spider


This mutant jumps on your head out of the blue just when you are standing on a very important pressure button. While you deal with it, your partner still has a chance to make it to the end of the conveyor belt—but not in the same shape as you last saw them. Shooting them before going out may save the day.


The Worm

Червь таран


A very stubborn thing. It will ram you with its jaws time and again until it kills you. They usually attack in packs, and they’ll do everything to prevent you from getting somewhere you’re dying to get (pun intended). Roy’s swing against them looks especially stunning.

We added a lot of secret shortcuts for those who like leaving things to chance. Some of them will help you bypass a hot spot. Others will lead you straight into an ambush. Is it worth the risk? It’s up to you to decide.



And so we turn the first page of the year 2019! How do you like it? Share your feedback and opinions!

See you in two weeks!

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On the Highway to Release - 01/11/2018
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On the Highway to Release - 01/11/2018
Here's something brand new for the brand new year! Today we'll have a look at some new levels with curious game mechanics.
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Lost in Sky
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