On the Highway to Release — 04/17/2019

On the Highway to Release — 04/17/2019

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Hi all!

Today we’re going to tell you about Lost in Sky’s new mechanics and visual updates. Let’s start with the visuals.


User Interface

The UI has faced the most notable changes.

We overhauled the character panel:

  • we brought out the active character



  • HP and armor bars are now larger and better readable;
  • we also moved the stamina bar to the character panel and changed its appearance.

Шкала здоровья


We added a tooltip in the lower left-hand corner. Now you can see the control keys (or gamepad shortcuts if you’re playing on a console):

  • tab — switch between the characters;
  • Q — order the partner to follow the active character;
  • H — use health kit;
  • G — drop a health kit for the partner.


We’re refining all game visual effects and animations. Eileen the archer received a few upgrades.


Upgraded arrows

She shoots faster, sharper, and the arrows leave a clear bright “trail” behind them.



Fan shot

With the new animation this shot looks even more spectacular, and its lethality is beyond any doubt.

Выстрел тройной

Power shot

Since we’re on the subject, let’s talk about the new mechanics. Eileen’s power shots are now able to pierce through targets. The new ability allows you to shoot a pack of monsters, unfortunate enough to stand too close to each other.



Normally they would bounce off the walls and explode with a short delay. We’ve made them smarter than that. If you aim carefully and throw it precisely into a cocoon, it’ll go off right away! Leave nothing to chance!

Взрыв кокона
That’s all for today. We’ll see you again soon!


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On the Highway to Release — 04/17/2019
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On the Highway to Release — 04/17/2019
Today we're going to tell you about Lost in Sky's new mechanics and visual updates. Let's start with the visuals.
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Lost in Sky
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