On the Highway to Release — 07/12/2019

On the Highway to Release — 07/12/2019

Jul 12 Android_LIS  

Hi all!

Since our last article we added a few cool features to Lost in Sky we’d like to share with you. We’re really excited about them!


Parallax effect 

We added a frontal layer that moves past slower than the foreground layers, which adds depths to the scene. However weird this might sound, in fact, it’s a very cool feature. Well, a picture’s worth a thousand words!



Upgraded levers

Levers got a new look, now they’re easier to be seen. It takes just one glance to tell an enabled lever from a warden, an elevator, or a health kit. And from a disabled lever as well. Just in case: green means ON, red means OFF.



Langoliers’ new attack

We decided that a repulsive look of a langolier isn’t enough to show how much it is, in fact, hostile toward players. Now langoliers swell and become bright red just before they attack. There must be no doubt as to what is happening.



Ally resurrection

Lost in Sky’s main feature is a two-character action. If one of them died, we had to restart the whole level. We thought that the survivor deserves a chance to go on on its own. Now, if one of the characters mistakes a langolier for a lever and dies, the other can find a resurrection point and bring their buddy back to life.


Stamina visuals

We mentioned changes in Stamina system in one of our recent posts, so here are some quick facts. When you’re about to run out of Stamina, here’s what you see:

– the stamina bar blinks;

– Stamina level moves beyond the tick that indicates a low stamina warning;

– a white screen border appears.

Just a few minor things that might allow you to quickly notice that something’s wrong. It’s supposed to work like an insurance against situations, where you’re surrounded by crowds of enemies—and you suddenly run out of Stamina. We hope it helps.

Шкала стамины


Critical damage visualization

It’s easy. Old-school shooter style. When you character is almost dying, a red screen border appears, and your health bar starts blinking like crazy. Just like the Stamina thing, only red ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

That’s all for today! We’ll come back to you with more cool stuff! Stay tuned!



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On the Highway to Release — 07/12/2019
Article Name
On the Highway to Release — 07/12/2019
Since our last article we added a few cool features to Lost in Sky we'd like to share with you. We're really excited about them!
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Lost in Sky
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