Lost in Sky on Game Daily Connect 2019

Lost in Sky on Game Daily Connect 2019

Sep 04 Android_LIS  

From August 27 to 30, the Lost in Sky team took part in the Game Daily Connect USA showcase in Anaheim, California. Indie developers from the USA, UK, China, Mexico, Ukraine, Moldova, and others also participated in the event.


Over the past 3 months after DevGamm and Casual Connect, we did a great amount of work, and it didn’t go unnoticed! Game Daily Connect players noticed the things we changed or introduced. The previous showcases brought to light two fundamental problems, and we did our best to deal with them.

Firstly, we redesigned the tutorial to make the character control training feel more natural. The two previous showcases saw our demo version that started in the City, and the players found it hard to adapt to the dynamic combat.


Over the 3 days of the showcase, we didn’t receive any feedback saying that controls were too difficult. Moreover, both hardcore players and less experienced gamers found the gaming process easy and comfortable. One of the players specifically mentioned the game’s excellent “difficulty curve”.


Secondly, the locations’ lighting and color scheme received positive feedback. Players no longer found it hard to interact with the UI elements and objects.

Many players welcomed the cooperative mode. This was the first time we ever showcased it. The co-op game is very fast-paced, dynamic, and light.


Two more things that raised questions are also worth a mention. The team will give these things some more work after a thorough discussion: co-op difficulty levels and tips to track your partner while playing split-screen.



The past showcase proved that we’re on track. Our vision and development process match our players’ demands. In the short term, we’ll get down to leveling characters, creating new enemies, and many other elements.




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