On the Highway to Release — 05/28/2021

On the Highway to Release — 05/28/2021

May 28 Android_LIS  

Hi everyone!

It’s almost summer, and everyone is packing to go on their holidays but we just can’t stop! Let’s go over the things we’ve done.

Elevator Navigation

We’ve got a great number of elevators on Ark. It’s getting hard to track down which goes where, so we decided to add some navigation for you. You’ll find special signs on each elevator, showing their destinations. We hope it’ll save you some hiking around Ark.

gates icons

Newborn Monsters

The Spring is a wonderful time! The nature is coming alive: plants, birds, animals, and monsters. Welcome two monster babies in our Bestiary. We can’t reveal any details yet, but you’ll have a chance to check out their abilities.

For instance, this baby is often compared to a unicorn, but not for its love to marshmallows!

die hard

The other newcomer is way more serious. Its hard shell and humongous size allow it to take the most direct approach. It literally bulldozes you in.

scorpion stages

Energy Shield

We added the new visual to characters’ armor. The energy sphere clearly reacts to incoming hits. Just wait and you’ll see. 

Interactive Objects

We added two new interactive objects that are supposed to make your life easier and your progress faster.

• The elevator that will deliver you from the nearest checkpoint to the thick of the battle. Now you can focus on beating the boss without taking long runs through locations every time you die.

• That’s right, this is a jumping pad. We call it Antigravity Energy Wormhole. Yes, we can do it just because we said so. Oh, and because the action takes place in the future, of course.

And lastly, we give you several traditional screenshots straight from the development workshop!

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