On the Highway to Release — 04/09/2022

On the Highway to Release — 04/09/2022

Apr 09 Android_LIS  

Hi everyone!

Today we give you new updates of Lost in Sky!

Character selection screen

We implemented new looks of our characters and overhauled the character selection screen. We also added an option to choose keyboard or gamepad while playing in the coop mode. 

A new NPC

Meet the new NPC! He’s one of the best hackers in the world, but he will deny everything. Keeping things hidden is the best way to go on ARK…

But since we’ve found him anyway, let’s take a look at his humble abode. Here’s a concept of entrance doors. It’s simple but expressive.

And here’s  the “abode.” Humble, only bare necessities such is a laptop. Don’t tell anyone but we think that our own rooms were the source of inspiration ?

Dialogue system

We keep honing our dialogue system. Pop-up speech bubbles with characters’ avatars are laconic, readable, and compact.

We love doors!

Apart from modest doors of hacker’s lair, these are monumental. There’s no way for you to find something ordinary behind them. 

Some action

You don’t always have time to enjoy the graceful combat tango in the heat of the battle. Here’s a picture board of Roy’s polished and deadly movements…

…and see them in action! Float like a butterfly, crash like a brick!

We’ll see you soon! We promise!

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