On the Highway to Release 11/03/2023 – Demo Update

On the Highway to Release 11/03/2023 – Demo Update

Nov 03 lis_en2017  

Hi everyone!

We carefully evaluated and considered all the feedback we received during Steam Next Fest and today we’d like to share with you a list of improvements which we’ve implemented recently. 

We’ve made the combat more balanced against groups of enemies, by adding a longer stun animation.

There is now a function to change controls in Game settings. You can now control characters using the D-Pad. 

Improved game optimization, significantly increasing FPS.

The player now has more control over the character while jumping. 

The game’s combat music has changed a bit. It appears more gradually. 

The archer can now aim 320°, including full overhead aiming. 

Cooperatives and hints have appeared in the game. Now in co-op mode, some actions can only be performed simultaneously with the second player. 

There is full support for the PS5 controller.

The number of enemies at levels has changed. 

The amount of boss health has been balanced.

Fixed the problem regarding the amount of enemy health changed the fact that it was different in co-op and single player. 

Fixed other issues related to combat, balance, enemies, music, UI, etc.

Please update the demo and share your thoughts with us 🙂 

Stay tuned 😉 

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