On the Highway to Release 12/28/2023 – Top Stories of 2023

On the Highway to Release 12/28/2023 – Top Stories of 2023

Dec 28 lis_en2017  

Hi everyone!

As we bid farewell to this year, it’s the perfect time to pause and reflect on our journey. It’s been an incredible year filled with significant achievements and growth. We’re filled with gratitude when we look at all we’ve managed to do, and we’re equally excited about what lies ahead. Your unwavering support has been the foundation of our progress with Anima Flux.

As we sign off for 2023, let’s revisit some of the standout moments from our journey this year. Join us on this delightful walk down memory lane.

🌿 Demo for our Community in May 🌿

This spring, we were thrilled to offer an exclusive first glimpse of Anima Flux to our Discord community with a special demo. Your insights and suggestions have been invaluable, helping us refine and improve the game. We’ve already incorporated many of your brilliant ideas.

Moreover, we launched a new trailer on Steam and YouTube, providing a captivating preview of the world of Anima Flux:

🏅 Our Moment at Nordic Game 🏅

In the blossoming days of late May, Anima Flux shone brightly at Nordic Game 2023 in the beautiful city of Malmö, Sweden. We joined the Pitch Battle by G.Round alongside many creative game studios and emerged victorious! This achievement opened the doors for us to introduce Anima Flux on the G.Round platform, where over 500 players tried our game and generously shared their feedback.

🌸 Tokyo Game Show Adventures 🌸

September brought us an exciting adventure to Japan for the Tokyo Game Show 2023. We presented our demo and mingled with some of the biggest names in the gaming industry, gathering valuable feedback directly from the community. It was an amazing experience to be a part of such a prestigious international event.

🍂 Highlights from Steam Next Fest 🍂

In October, we had a major highlight with Steam Next Fest. For this event, we released a public demo on Steam, inviting gamers worldwide to explore our creation. We hosted live streams throughout the week, sharing the story of Anima Flux and engaging in meaningful conversations with players.

🌍 Experiences from Other Events 🌍

The year also saw us participating in events like DevPlay.RO and Nordic Game in Helsinki. These weren’t just opportunities to showcase our game, but also precious moments to connect with you, our players, and gather your invaluable feedback.

As we transition into the new year, your feedback continues to inspire and motivate us. We eagerly look forward to unveiling our plans and bringing our dreams to fruition.

From everyone at the Anima Flux team, we wish you a serene and joyous New Year. Here’s to a year of pursuing dreams with passion and finding happiness in every step of the journey. 🌌🌱🎮

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