World Lost in Sky. Soundtrack

Oct 20  Android_LIS  

Hello everyone!   We’ve been telling many times about how music in Lost in Sky plays one of the major roles, and how magically charming and atmospheric is our soundtrack. We’ve been talking so much about the unusual mixture of […]

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World of Lost in Sky. The harbinger

Sep 20  Android_LIS  

Hello everyone!   It’s time to reveal some clues about mysteries in the world of Lost in Sky: how did ARK originate? Where did the majority of the world’s population disappear? And, in the end, what happened to our planet? […]

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World of Lost in Sky. Danger all around

Sep 13  Android_LIS  

Hello everyone!   Any adventure game consists of certain required components, and Lost in Sky is no exception. We have our main characters, a living-breathing word, and most importantly – the enemies. And today we’re going to talk about some […]

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How heroes are made

Aug 22  Android_LIS  

Hey guys! It’s time for you to meet the protagonists of Lost in Sky world. The guys in the picture are Roy, who’s a trained fighter, and his charming but dangerous partner – Eileen. On a mission   ROY First […]

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The world of Lost in Sky. The beginning

Aug 15  Android_LIS  

Hello, everybody! Today we’re going to talk about the place where the actions of the graphic novel and game Lost in Sky happen. Ladies and gentlemen, we present you – ARK. A giant space station, drifting in the open space. […]

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