ARK Weekly Digest – 11/17/2017

ARK Weekly Digest – 11/17/2017

Nov 17 Android_LIS  

Hello everyone!


This week we are still tweaking AI for the in-game characters and relentlessly drawing content of our comic series.

Do you recall the moment being under enemy siege when your life-bar is glowing red? The end draws near and at the very last moment reinforcements make a dramatic appearance. This job we’re going to assign to our small but fearsome droid – destroy all the enemies and save you when no hope left.

During testing one peculiar nuance was unveiled. Due to some unknown reasons our droid sometimes engaged in combat with the wrong side. And who knows maybe that’s just his tactical feature – scaring opponents by displaying mercilessness and erratic behavior. We certainly hope that’s the case.


Next, we wanted to show you a small sneak peek. Behold, you are witnessing a new kind of monsters with the working title – flying death. No, they are not flying jaws, don’t even think about it! Fast and furious, a swarm of these critters can kill anyone in seconds. Their horrific smile will be the last thing you’re going to see.


How do you lose your mind from fear frenzy? You must be a mutant-scorpion who loves to play catch.


Looking at him one can say that in Lost in Sky you now have monsters that not only attack you but play with your mind as well. And it’s very easy to dispose of discouraged hero, in that case we strongly advise you to be the first to play catch. Or just kill the damn thing, the best outcome.


Ok, these droids need some more tweaking, that’s for sure. Can anyone shut them down, before they kill someone?


We won’t show every piece of art from the new comic chapter, so it would be more thrilling for you to read the whole thing.

The first shot implies that there’s always a way out, even from hardest situations. Help arrives blazingly fast like a fired arrow.


The second shot urges to avoid local gangs or, if you’re a happy-go-lucky soldier of fortune, go grab’em and receive your reward.


To everyone who seeks adventure during winter season. Put something on!


That’s all for now, see you next week.


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