On the Highway to Release — 09/11/2021

On the Highway to Release — 09/11/2021

Sep 11 Android_LIS  


Autumn is gaining momentum, it’s getting colder outside, and we’re rushing to warm your homes with our latest hot news. Sit closer, let’s get warm together.

In today’s program: latest coop features, UI update, concept art, and bloodbath!

Coop Camera

We tweaked it to improve interaction and your comfort during cooperative play.

• The camera automatically zooms out when the distance between the characters increases. It zooms back in when the characters are closer;

• If the characters are too far from each other (you don’t want that on the Ark, by the by), a small windows pops up if your partner dies.

Biological Autocollector

We’re here to serve you! Tired of looting biomaterial? Purchase an “internal magnet” and watch the goodies literally fly in your direction.

Skill Screen

We’re filling in more UI information, such as the inventory or maps. Our latest addition is the tab with the description of all unlockable skills.


This is just some concept art. Looks cool but we wish we knew what to do with it! No worries, we’ll come up with something.

New Cover

Overhauling our characters. You might have noticed how we replaced the covers and banners on Steam and social media.

We now take you to our What-If section!

“What if…”

• What’s gonna happen if you have a grenade on you and meet a spider? A spectacular kill and a spectacular walk-away. Cool guys don’t look at explosions ?

• What if you take a stroll around the Ark on your own? Your friends are going to miss a good fight!

• What if you go down the energy tunnel into the dark? You will encounter monsters. Seriously, did you expect something else?

And now we give you the long-awaited screenshots! We’ll see you next time!

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