ARK Weekly Digest – 12/08/2017

ARK Weekly Digest – 12/08/2017

Dec 08 Android_LIS  

Hi everybody!


This week is the time of experiments. To make the gameplay more arcade and dynamic, we’re partially changing the old elements and adding new mechanics. We are subjecting everything to experiments: Starting with the management of heroes and ending with the behavior of monsters and bosses.

One of our innovations doesn’t look like anything new to the experienced players. This is about the mechanics of combo points which is familiar to many slashers (for example, DmC series). With successive attacks on monsters, the player gets a “multiplier” increasing the number of points received at a certain number of times. If the hero under your control receives the damage, then the “multiplier” is reset and you have to retype it. Also, the counter is set to zero if a certain amount of time has elapsed since the last attack on the monster. This mechanics drives the players to the active activity, increasing the overall intensity of the gameplay.


We continue working out the behavior of heroes who are not under the control of a player in a certain time of playing. We added a function that, as you can see in the GIF below, activates an inactive character to follow the managed one and attack the targets in the visible field by using regular automatic attacks. In the future, we’re going to improve the partner’s behavior adding some new features.


Work on the comic book doesn’t stop for a single second. The secret is that we don’t make up the comic book on the hoof. We have a clear understanding of the events going on, based on a well-prepared plot. Therefore, the progress in this direction is indeed impressive.


We’d like to point out the way our artists work with color. The comic sets change quickly and each has its own color scheme. In the previous reports, we showed the scenes from the jungle of the neutral zone, with a clear predominance of green and brown tones. Today we are presenting you with some fresh scenes in the new environments. This time, to make them illustrative, they are presented in two options: colorful and colorless.


We hasten to remind you that we are carrying out an alpha test, and it may be you to take part and help us make the game even better! Follow the link to register for the early access.

That’s all for today, see you next week!



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